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Celebrating Men's Day Nov. 19th

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In honor of Men's Day we thought we would highlight a few really cool products that are perfect for that certain man in your life. Whether it's your brother, son, husband, father or boyfriend we have the perfect gift.

First off is our unique cigar cutter. Perfect for any cigar aficionado. This double-blade stainless steel cigar cutter smoothly clips the cigar cap leaving a clean edge for an even burn.


Next up Glacier Rocks. And they do. These rocks are crafted using top quality soapstone. They are a great way to cool down your drink without diluting it. They are made from "soft" stone so they won't scratch your glassware. Can you say super cool?

Next in line is our lovely BBQ Sauces Pack and Seasonal Rubs Pack.


These wonderful packs are a perfect big gift or since there are four different samples you can separate each type and create four different smaller gifts. So cool.


Now you are set for Men's Day. Go forth and shop. See ya soon.


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