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DIY Pom Pom Flowers

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We are in the mood for spring decor and parties!  Our best selling tissue paper pom poms can easily be transformed into a darling spring flower!  Swing by our shop in Orenco Station for pom poms and crepe paper then follow the simple steps below!  Have fun!







Tissue paper pom pom

Double sided tape

Roll of yellow crepe paper

Hot glue gun

Green card stock

Steps to cuteness:

Step one: follow the easy directions on the package of the tissue pom pom. Once it’s opened up and fluffed, flatten it out on a table by pressing the tissue away from the center. This will create a natural place for you to glue the leaves.

Step Two: Fold your 8 ½ x 11 card stock in half lengthwise. Now open the folded paper back up and flatten. Repeat with the other sheet of card stock.


Step Three: Cut in an arch shape from top of the fold crease to the bottom of the fold crease on each side of the fold. This will create a stylized leaf shape. Repeat with the other card stock sheet.


Step 4:  Once you have cut out your leaves dab hot glue on one the end of a leaf and glue the other leaf on top at an angle so you can see each leaf. They need to be offset from each other.

Step 5: Now glue your leaves to the back of the pom pom with the glue gun.


Step 6: Flip the pom pom over. Spread the tissue petals out like you did for the back of the flower. Apply strips of double sided tape to the center of the pom pom.

Step 7: Now grab your crepe paper and scrunch it into a circle over the double sided tape working from outside in. This doesn’t need to be perfect just a scrunchy yellow center.



Step 8: Take another strip of crepe paper and cut slits in it and then roll it loosely. This will create the center of your flower.

Step 9: Put a big dab of hot glue in the center of all the yellow crepe paper that’s stuck to the tissue pom center with double sided tape. Press your fringed cut center into the yellow center.

Step 10: Almost done.

Step 11: Now scrunch the tissue pom pom petals around the center and stand back and look at your very pretty flower.