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Baking Liner Wreath Tutorial


Here is a really simple and darling wreath to add a little fancy to your home or office!



A wreath form. We used a 10" form.
Cupcake liners- we have a ton of different colors at the shop. Come in and pick out your favor combinations.




Kitchen Knife

1.  First cut through the wreath form one time with a kitchen knife. This cut needs to be straight.

2.  Fold your liners in half and cut a semi-circle on the bottom of the wrapper. Make sure you don't cut two big of a semi circle or your liners with slide down the form. If this happens use tape once you are done to spread out the liners around the wreath. You can usually cut 5 to 6 liners at a time.

3.  Begin layering the liners on the wreath form by sliding them on to the form at the cut.  You will need to use tape to secure the wrappers every once in awhile so they stay put.

4.  Almost done. We used a thick chevron print ribbon and placed it over the cut on the form to hang the wreath so the cut doesn't show.

Voila, cute right?

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