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Tutorial: Re-purposed Baking Cups

We all know and love baking cups. You can do so much with these little guys. They are a staple here at Fancy That. We use them to not only bake in but to add a bit of panache to any party. They hold everything from crackers, savory treats like ranch and veggies, candy, ice cream and so much more.

But we thought we would step outside the box and show you two new ways to use baking cups to add a special touch to your party.  

Fancy List:
your favorite baking cups
milk jars
custom place cards
paper straws
Supply List:
sharp box cutter
Place Card Holder/Food Label: make a slice about a quarter of an inch deep across the front half of the over turned baking cup. Then slide in you place card or food label. Super simple and very cute.
Milk Jar Skirt- turn you baking cup over and gently puncture the bottom drag your knife around the bottom of the cup keeping the cut as circular as you can. Slide milk jar skirt over the top of the milk jar. Again super simple and very cute.
Party On!