DIY Confetti Pack Kit | Set of 20

DIY Confetti Pack Kit | Set of 20

Looking for a branded item to tuck in your orders or give away at trade shows and events?  Our new mini confetti packs are the perfect fancy touch.  Each order is hand cut in your brand color palette and includes either a logo sticker or a message with your website.  Photo shown is an example of the message with website option.  

This option is for an unassembled kit.  You will receive about 3 cups of confetti, 20 clear bags and 20 custom stickers.  You will have enough supplies to make 20 mini confetti bags.  

Your first kit order  includes a custom design fee.  Orders over 20 bags or reorders with the same exact design are discounted $20 per kit of 20. 

Have questions or what to bounce ideas off of us?  Email us at