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DIY Tricycle Car Wash

CUTE alert!  Kiddos will love this DIY car wash on a hot summer day!  Head over to Design Mom to see the full article and instructions!

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Fancy Eats: Festive Popcorn

{photo courtesy of Eating Richly.  Clickherefor original post}   Add some festivity to your 4th of July bash by popping up this lovely snack of almond popcorn bark!  Not only is it yummy but it is super cute also.   It would look darling in our individual treat cups or loaf pans!               

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Fancy Eats: 4th of July treats

Fun 4th of July baked snowcones yes we said "baked snowcones".  Aren't these absolutely adorable?

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Father's Day ideas dad will love

  Father's Day is just around the corner. Fancy some unique gift ideas?   Here is a clever idea to put some fancy into your Father's Day gift box!       Check out these cool gifts from Creating Couture Parties.    

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Miniature appetizers

We are sorta crazy about any kind of mini appetizer or dessert.  Not only does it look adorable but it is a great way to serve individual servings to your guests.  Our two favorites are the mini square plate and mousse cup.  Darling don't you think?     

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