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A basketball party by Samantha


My sweet little 7 year old daughter, Samantha, decided that the end of season basketball party should not be at the usual pizza parlor.  Instead, she wanted snacks and cupcakes at mommy's shop and the table needed to be fancy!  (Since daddy is the coach, the end of season party was up to us and that translated to Samantha taking charge!)

This is what was brought to me with a big smile!



Samantha planned out the entire layout plus decided the colors would be orange and aqua with squiggly pattern (chevron).  So the two of us set out to make her sketch come to life.  She had a blast sitting on my lap making the tags and banner!  It was a riot watching her rifle through my props looking for 'things to lift stuff like you do at the shop'.   Sam even asked me to make fancy forks to match because the ones I showed her were kinda boring :)

This is the result of her hard work - I didn't change a thing about the layout.  The whole thing is her creation!  I am a proud mama!  Please excuse the mediocre photography, I had squealing 7 year old girls jumping around me and had to photograph fast:)

Thanks to Bliss Bake Shop for making the cupcakes!  Sam looked around on pinterest and found a photo she liked and asked baker Kat to make them for her.  

End of Season Epic Girls Basketball party

by Samantha Komer, age 7





My proud girl!