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Spotlight Thursday - Shower Bursts


 Hi everyone,

This is the first installation of our Spotlight Thursday.

Each Thursday we will turn the spotlight on a unique and truly special item we carry in the shop.

We had a bit of a problem picking our first item. There is way too much good stuff to choose from. But after much, much discussion we agreed on a very cool little gem packaged in pretty colored foil. Any guesses?

Yep, you got it.  Shower Bursts!



Here’s the inside scoop on these special little wonders.  When all you have time for is a shower but you still want to experience the aromatherapy of a bath, unwrap and place this little gem on the shower ledge.  Splash a bit of water on the burst to activate the aromatherapy experience.  Breathe deep and enjoy the wonderful aroma.  It is just that easy and fun!

We have a large selection of scents. Here are some of our favorites:

Lisa loves them all but if she had to choose it would be Refresh - from the Signature Collection. For the purist, this Shower Burst is made with 100% grapefruit and lavender essential oil. Man, this smells so good!

I love the Lavender from the Essentials Collection. Oh my, I can almost image being in a lavender field.

And our favorite to give as a fun gift- Hangover Buster. This burst really does it’s job (so I’ve been told. Never needed it personally. Never. Really I mean it. Ok, well there was that one time . . .) Anyway, enough about me this burst is made from 100% essential oil of juniper and rosemary.

The list could go on, there are so many to choose from.  My boys like Grapefruit but my sister likes Eucalyptus etc.  The only way you’ll know which one is your favorite is if you come in and grab a few. But be prepared to get hooked.

Fancy Fact: A burst fits perfectly in a polka dot takeout box. This is a great teachers gift or hostess gift.  

Shower bursts are only $4.50 and last through five showers if not in the direct spray of water. 


Stop by our new shop in Orenco Station to be entered to win a starter set of 4 shower bursts!  We will draw a winner on Tuesday, January 22nd!  

We are located in Orenco Station at 1336 NE Orenco Station Parkway in Hillsboro!

Party On!