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Shamrock DIY

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Here is our take on a straw shamrock topper.

Once you make a few of these you won't be able to stop. They are easy and so cute with our green paper straws. What a great way to add a little luck o' the Irish to your day.

                                     Supplies needed:  card stock, scissors, paper straws


Steps to cuteness:

  • Cut green card stock into a 4" square.
  • Fold the square in half diagonally, creating a triangle, and then fold in half once more to make a smaller triangle. Trim off outer edges.
  • Unfold paper halfway, as shown. Cut a small V at the bottom, in the center.
  • Unfold shamrock, and crease diagonally, reversing the direction of the fold; repeat to make another diagonal crease. Unfold.
  • Slide the shamrock onto one end of our pretty green straw. We have a ton of different patterns and colors of green straws to choose from.
  • Make several of these cuties and put them in our milk jars as a centerpiece at your upcoming party. Or use to add a little fun to your favorite St. Patrick's Day drink.


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Party on!