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DIY Cupcake Liner Straw Flowers

Brighten your party with these little beauties. They are super easy to make and so colorful. Soon your entire house will be blooming with Cupcake Liner Straw Flowers!



Supplies:  8 cupcake liners, stapler, scissors,double sided tape,paper straw, green card stock



Steps to cuteness:

 Stack 8 flattened liners on top of each other right side up
Staple the center and fold liner stack in half
Cut straight down the ridges of the liner every ½” or so stopping at the flat part of the liner




Unfold stack of liners
Take each layer and scrunch liner toward the center leaving last layer flat
On the last layer apply a bit of double sided tape to the back  

Take your green card stock and make two leaves like the photo above


Use double sided tape to attach leaves to the straw


Place the last layer with double-sided tape around the paper straw
Fan out the layers of liners to create a ball around the top of the straw

Voila!  A super cute way to add a pop of color to your home!  Bring on the the sun!