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Lollipop Flower Centerpiece

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We added a new member to our Fancy That inventory family.

These sphere lollipops are colorful and taste great. They come in yummy flavors such as grape, strawberry, blueberry, lime, banana, orange, and cherry. They are a wonderful way to keep your party color theme going straight into your guests favor bags.

But our creative minds wanted more. The lollies are too pretty to just be a favor or treat. We wanted to decorate with them. So after messing around with cupcake liners in matching colors here is what we came up with. A Lollipop Flower!

Here's how to make these cuties-

Fancy Supplies:
mason jars to hold your flower
cupcake liners (Coordinating color with lollipop color. This will make a more impactful flower)

Craft Store Supplies:
double sided tape
Turn three cupcake liners inside out and flatten. Stack them together and fold in half. Make several cuts about a quarter of an inch apart down the liners until you reach the bottom smooth part of the liner.
Unfold liners and make a straight cut to the center of each liner.

Place a bit of double sided tape on both edges toward the center of the cupcake liner. Now wrap the liner around the lollipop stick (right side of liner toward the lollipop). Secure with double sided tape at the base. Repeat this with all three liners scrunching the base of the liner around the lollipop stick and securing with a last piece of double sided tape. Fluff the petals of the flower so the color shows.
Now stick the lollipop flowers in our daisy cut mason jars and set down the center of your party table. Super cute and super easy!! That's what we like.

Party On!