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The Many Uses of Baking Cups!


We adore baking cups!  There are so many ways to use them besides the traditional cupcake!  They work perfectly for serving veggies and hummus and could not be cuter filled with ice cream.   Really think outside the cup and bake individual servings of mac n cheese!  The unique paper resists staining and burning and keeps the vibrant color.  You will love these!   We carry over 25 different colors and patterns so swing on by and give them a try - you will be hooked!


Fill cups up with fresh fruit for backyard parties. 

{Photo credit:  Katie Hickenbottom Photography}


 Use baking cups for your next ice cream social! 

{Photo credit:  Katie Hickenbottom Photography}


Dress up your appetizers! {photo courtesy of Simply Baked}


Party on!