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Elevate Your Closing Gifts
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Elevate Your Closing Gifts

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So, let's talk about those awesome closing gifts realtors give to their clients.  Ever wondered if they're worth the investment? Spoiler alert: They totally are! 

>> First things first: Do you love surprises?  Of course, you do! Your clients feel the same way! Gifting something thoughtful at the end of a successful deal creates an amazing lasting impression. 

>> Repeat business & referrals, anyone?  Happy clients become loyal clients. When they show off their sweet closing gift to friends and family, you get even more exposure and referrals!

>> Brand recognition!  66% of gift recipients can recall your brand a year later.  When you use your brand colors and logo it pulls together your whole gift and extends your brand identity. 

We are here to help you create those unique and memorable gifts for your clients. Text 503-799-5329 or email to get started.