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Lisa Komer with Fancy That is such a sweet gift to us all! She thinks of all the details for a business so that we don’t have to, and provides thoughtful, beautiful gift packages that will really connect you with your clients or loved ones. Every package is lovingly customized and you can add branding as well! LOVING getting to know her and her amazing services!

Donna L


Lisa puts together amazing gift boxes and puts on a fun candle making workshop!

Andrea W


Lisa is so creative!! She has the cutest gift boxes and I just love her style! So grateful for her addition to this group as she is adding massive value and is a great team player!

Jacquie W


I had ordered curated gift boxes from Lisa several times throughout the years. Each time the response from my friends and family is overwhelmingly AMAZED. She is a true knack for picking the perfect assortment to brighten someone’s day. The recent box I picked up for my office manager was just perfect and lifted her spirits after a particularly difficult week. Will definitely be ordering more goodies soon!

Abby I


I’ve been a huge fan and supporter of Fancy That way back when it was a brick and mortar store at Orenco Station. I can’t wait to buy gifts from you for Teacher’s Appreciation Week and recommend you to my friends.

Malini G


Lisa’s snarky gift shop and candle bar is stunning in its feminine aura and relaxing feng shui. We had such fun at our bachelorette party!

Bonnie K


Lisa is a true curator of gifts. Its is a true pleasure to work with her, again, and again.

Melissa J


Lisa is literally a lifesaver- I know she has all my gift needs taken care of always.

Aubrey M


Lisa products are personal and beautiful.

Amanda D


Best place to get a gift Fancy That!